In October 2015 my wife and I did the Kanchenjunga circuit with Mustang Trekking ( Nord Extreme Himalaya P. Ltd.) run by Mr. Sonam G. Sherpa. I have been to Nepal 10 times over the years and have done 8 treks in Nepal and numerous others in the Andes, the Alps, Africa, Tibet, and Thailand. This was my wife’s first Nepal trek and I wanted to make it special. I started to research the trek one full year in advance and contacted a number of trekking companies. I narrowed it down to 3 companies that appeared to have intimate knowledge of the Kanchenjunga region. Eventually I selected Nord Extreme Himalaya P. Ltd. due to their familiarity with the area and the answers from Sonam to my exceedingly numerous questions. His responses were clear, detailed, prompt, and friendly. And the price was very reasonable.

In summary, this was the best trekking experience I have ever had. The team was superb and Sonam was very attentive to our every desire, checking in with us frequently in Kathmandu and during the trek. I would not hesitate to recommend Mustang Trekking (Nord Extreme Himalaya) for treks anywhere in Nepal.




David/Ginny Moore

Sonam - Our trip in October 2017 to the Upper Mustang was wonderful, thanks to your excellent guiding and care. We appreciated trekking through a most unique and stunning landscape, and staying in the village guest houses. Visiting the many monestaries and learning about them from the resident monks was very special. Riding horses on the last (and longest day) was a great opportunity (as well as helpful!). We might not have been the fastest trekkers but we enjoyed each day! Thank you for all the extra work you do to protect Nepal and to help the children. Namaste, Dorothy and your Alaska friends

Dorothy Childers

Thank you for the great trek ! And good luck with your new agency. hope life will go as you wish !!!

Laurio Bennet

Dear Sonam !!!

our trek here in Nepal has been so amzins and you are he main reason. it was so wonderful. Thank you for all your hard work and all your effort on our behalf. i hope you will some day make it to america and visit us there. good bless !


Great management and service for my trip to Nepal. We booked Mustang Tiji festival trek 2014 with Sonam G. Sherpa. He gave us fammilier hospality and guiding by very experience guide. Thank you very much sonam! Roberto


Thank you for being a faboulous guide. It was a trip I will never forget. Good luck with all of your goals and bussiness aspirations. Reach for the STAR ***** !

Kathryn ( KAT)

Sonam !

you are the best !!! I will always remember you and the wonderful memories you have left us !


very excelent service....


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