Nagarkot Hiking - Day(s)

  • Student are with teacher

    Student are with teacher

  • Nagarkot


Nagarkot is the first sun rise place of Nepal and more popular for the picnic and explore the beauty of nature. It has the beautiful hill with an altitude of 2170m lies near to the eastern side of Kathmandu. It is just 32 km far from Kathmandu. So, we can arrived there within 1 and half hour by driving. After our long driving we have to hike up throught the road by pasing fields where we can enjoy the view of harvest rice, paddies and potatoes etc. After arrival of Nagarkot we can fully enjoy the sunrise with fresh air in the morning.

Day 1: Breakfast in Kathmandu and drive to shanku, an starts hiking fro there to Nagarkot High sightseeing from there. All mountains can be seen from Nagarkot. And back to Kathmandu

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